The NYT’s Web Of Lies

Power Line catches The New York Times in yet another case of trying to stretch the truth. The Times had argued that the SWIFT anti-terrorism program wasn’t all that secret – despite the fact that the author of the SWIFT exposé had written a piece last November that decried the lack of a program just like SWIFT.

That’s typical of the NYT these days – the only logic or consistency they need is in attacking Bush – all else is secondary. It doesn’t matter that they just destroyed the very program they lamented didn’t exist less than nine months ago – so long as they can get their politically-motivated “scoops”. The Times is getting caught up in their own web of lies, created in their attempt to provide rationalizations for their irresponsible and foolish actions.

The actions of the Times makes the phrase “journalistic integrity” almost seem like an oxymoron…

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