Israel’s Strategy?

Beirut International Airport

Here’s an image of the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, looking towards the north and the city itself. Recently, IDF aircraft bombed the runways of this airport, putting them out of commission. This is suggestive of Israel’s strategy in this conflict. The airport in Beirut is the primary means of resupply for Hizb’Allah – Iranian material and personnel enter into Lebanon via this crucial logistical point. The IDF has cut this crucial supply line.

With missiles raining down on Israel, the IDF is undoubtedly engaging in search-and-destroy missions along the Israel/Lebanon border, destroying Hizb’Allah’s positions the second they can. Sooner or later Hizb’Allah will run out of munitions. Then they’ll run out of food. The Israelis appear to be moving against Hizb’Allah’s lines of supply, cutting them off from Iran and Syria and so far avoiding hitting Beirut itself or engaging in harm to the non-combatant areas of Lebanon. The TV station that the IDF destroyed belonged to al-Manar TV, a Hizb’Allah propaganda organ.

The Israelis are showing as much restraint as possible here without sacrificing their goal of getting rid of Hizb’Allah once and for all. The real question is how long they’ll be able to do so without engaging with either Syria or Iran, the real forces who are keeping Hizb’Allah in operation.

UPDATE: As always, Omri Ceren has more.

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