Ceasefire Talks Fail

Unsurprisingly, the talks in Rome on a Lebanese cease-fire have failed.

Realistically, the only acceptable outcome to this situation should be the destruction of Hizb’Allah as a military force in the region. Given the way in which Syria and Iran have armed and trained them, it will take Israel a significant amount of time to finish them off. Any alternative that leaves Hizb’Allah armed and dangerous is simply unacceptable, and any cease-fire that does not lead to the suppression of Hizb’Allah will only create the conditions for future conflicts down the road.

The only solution to this conflict is for Hizb’Allah to be disarmed, and their Syrian and Iranian masters prevented from further supporting their proxy war against Israel. Anything else will only prolong the conflict and provide and illusion of peace. The Middle East has already been deeply scarred by such superficial measures – Secretary Rice is correct to reject an immediate cease-fire, and the interests of the entire free world lie with the destruction of Hizb’Allah.

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