Because What The World Really Needs Is One More Lawyer

Glenn Reynolds has a bit on whether law school is a good idea or not these days.

Which is great, because in about a month I’ll be starting law school.

As he mentions:

My take: Now that a standard B.A. is worth about what a high school diploma used to be — an entry ticket, and no more — a law degree is probably the closest graduate analog to what a liberal arts B.A. used to be. It’s good for a lot of things besides law. But, like a liberal arts degree, it’s not for everyone. An M.B.A. does something similar, though perhaps a bit narrower, but does it in two years.

In a lot of ways, I think that’s true. I’ve always joked that a BA lets you manage at the Gap rather than just fold clothes – and sadly enough, that’s not all that far from the truth. Unless you want to found your own business (which is stressful in its own right), the best way to get ahead today is to have some sort of advanced degree. College attendence is much less exclusive than it was, and since so many people have BA degrees, the level of competition is that much greater.

I’ll be moving back to Minnesota (where voting Republican actually matters) in the next two weeks, and then will start law school in late August. Given that my first semester schedule includes Contracts, Torts, and Civil Procedure, I figure if I can survive that much I should do fine.

I’ve known this was a step I wanted to take for a while now – although it’s not for everyone. The next three years will involve a massive amount of work, but it’s a challenge I’m anticipating. Then again, we’ll see how much I like it once I’m hip-deep in contract law and torts…

4 thoughts on “Because What The World Really Needs Is One More Lawyer

  1. Best of luck to you, Jay. I’d been guessing for awhile that you’d ultimately go on for law school. Which law school are you headed to, anyway?

    As for me, even though I’ve somehow landed a pretty decent position as an association executive, that MBA is looking better by the day; I might have to enroll over at UNM next fall…

  2. “I’ll be moving back to Minnesota (where voting Republican actually matters) in the next two weeks”

    Say it ain’t so!!!!

    I have an off-topic question. I know a good chunk of southwestern Minnesota gets its media from Sioux Falls. Does the Sioux Falls TV market ever air Minnesota political ads? Wellstone v. Coleman in 2002? Klobuchar or Kennedy yet this year? Having grown up near the Iowa border, I know the Austin and Rochester markets air ads Iowa caucus candidates, while the Mason City, IA, station airs Minnesota ads. Just curious how that relates to the Dakota-Minnesota border. The implications are significant. If Klobuchar doesn’t have any ads airing that are viewed by southwestern Minnesota voters, she’ll get butchered by Mark Kennedy who has represented the area in Congress and has at least partial name ID.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Minnesota political ad in Sioux Falls – although I suspect towns like Worthington get both Sioux Falls and Twin Cities stations.

  4. Hey, it’s Back To School then, is it?
    Well, join the club. If all goes well (that is, if I get the placement), I will also be in school starting November 1 – as the frigging teacher. Yeehaw. Buckle your seat-belts, kids!


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