A Story Of Heroism

David Ansen has a glowing review of Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center.

I’ve never been a fan of Stone’s work, but everything I’ve heard about this film has been positive. Stone’s decision to make this a story about personal heroism rather than some political conspiracy thriller makes this a movie that sounds accessible to everyone. I’m not sure how easy it would be to watch this film, but I think if the reviews are correct, Stone deserves a lot of credit for letting the story of that terrible day tell itself.

One thought on “A Story Of Heroism

  1. The buzz around this flick is extraordinary. Can’t want to see it.

    It’s amazing how quicky directors can oscillate between perfection and crap. Stone’s last movie was, of course, the latter. And Woody Allen’s SCOOP is reportedly dreadful – an odd performance coming off of MATCH POINT, arguably one of the best films of his career.

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