Making The Switch

The New York Times has an interesting (if basic) piece on people switching from Windows to Mac OS X.

Personally, I’ve now bought two Macs, and they’ve both been excellent machines. The new Intel Macs are a web developer’s dream — using Parallels I can develop on my Mac, run a virtual Linux server, and test everything in Windows from one machine and no rebooting is required. It’s a great benefit to be able to run more than one OS simultaneously.

Other than gaming, I don’t use my PC anymore, and with the next generation of consoles improving online gaming, I’m not so sure I’ll buy another Windows machine again. Windows just feels clunky with stupid and annoying “product activation”, flaky drivers, and crappy software. If I plug in a digital camera, I want to it just work, not spend hours reinstalling ugly and irritating software.

Apparently once you go Mac, you don’t go back…

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