Settling In

Blogging will be light this week, as I’m still unpacking all my stuff from various and sundry boxes having just schlepped them from South Dakota to Minnesota. If you notice the state of Minnesota looking slightly redder, that would be why…

3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. You picked a bad time to move to Minnesota judging from the widespread “blue tidal wave” sentiment that’s been snowballing here since last year’s DFL victories in Republican-dominant special elections to the Legislature. I’m confident the outcome of this fall’s Minnesota elections will be far different than the 2002 election when you last lived in Minnesota. Then again, our left-wing tidal wave could very well sweep you up by this time in November.

  2. Hope that the move went well. Good luck trying to stay a float with the coming blue typhoon that is coming your way. November may come and you may end up all wet… hehe.

    Also, Happy Birthday a day late.

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