Would Katherine Harris Please Go Away Now?

Rep. Katherine Harris, who is rapidly proving to be the GOP’s chief embarrassment has has once again put her foot firmly in her mouth by declaring that the separation of church and state is a “lie”:

U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris told a religious journal that separation of church and state is “a lie” and God and the nation’s founding fathers did not intend the country be “a nation of secular laws.”

The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate also said that if Christians are not elected, politicians will “legislate sin,” including abortion and gay marriage.

Now, Harris’ comments are probably being twisted to an extend, but a smart politician would never say something that could so easily be misconstrued as endorsing something perilously close to theocracy. It’s one thing to say that Christian morality should inform the creation of laws, but Harris’ comments were both inarticulate and silly. Harris has proven to be an embarrassment to Florida (no mean feat!) and her own party. It’s high time she realized that she’s shooting herself in the foot and made a transition back to the private sector.

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