Is Bin Laden Dead?

Rumors are swirling over a leaked French intelligence report indicating that Osama bin Laden died of typhoid fever on August 23. The information apparently comes from a Saudi source or a source close to the Saudis.

It’s not confirmed, and there isn’t any evidence yet from jihadi sources that would confirm such a claim. However, such silence is not necessarily indicative in itself. We know that bin Laden is in a very secluded area and only communicates with the outside world via courier. A major medical emergency would present an incredibly large risk of detection — it’s not like bin Laden can just waltz into Quetta General Hospital for treatment. If bin Laden came down with typhoid, it’s quite likely such an infection would be fatal.

Of course, everything is speculation until some kind of confirmation comes forth — and bin Laden has been “dead” on more than one occasion, and like a bad zombie movie bad guy always rises from the “grave” again. Then again, this information has a much stronger provinance than anything we’ve seen yet. One thing is for sure, when the monster dies, Hell is going to have the VIP suite ready and waiting…

2 thoughts on “Is Bin Laden Dead?

  1. Ever since Tora Bora, the GOP has raised the “real possibility” that Osama bin Laden is collecting worms somewhere in central Asia, weeks before another video surfaces proving that he’s still alive. Yet the GOP never gets tired of raising that “real possibility”. Of course, Bush and bin Laden need each other to maintain power over their minions. Bush needs Bin Laden as a foil to shore up his “security moms” to re-elect Republican every two years. And Bin Laden needs Bush as a foil that enrages more Muslims to rise to the call of jihad.

    Long story short. Another Bin Laden video will resurface in about six weeks, offering a wink-and-nod quasi-endorsement of Republicans calling them “islamofascists”…..and Republicans will respond by rallying the public to their team in the election as “the only people able to keep your families safe.” A few months later, Jay Reding and other conservative bloggers will feature another round of entries asking “Is Bin Laden Dead?” Rinse and repeat.

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