Twin Cities To Host 2008 GOP Convention

The Twin Cities will be the host of the 2008 GOP National Convention, in a move likely designed to bring Minnesota into the national GOP column. I’m not sure that strategy will necessarily be successful, but 2008 will certainly be an interesting year. Then again, I’d better count on having one hell of a commute that week…

UPDATE: Apparently the convention will be at the XCel Energy Center in St. Paul — which is appropriate given that current Senator Norm Coleman was instrumental in getting that venue built. The Center is the normal home to the Minnesota Wild pro hockey team, and has been the site of the state GOP conventions for the last few years. It will undoubtedly be an excellent venue for what is sure to be a very interesting race.

My hope is to blog from the floor as Rudy Guiliani gives his acceptance speech, but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself there…

5 thoughts on “Twin Cities To Host 2008 GOP Convention

  1. I figured one of the two parties would choose the Cities. This will make Tim Pawlenty all the more appealing as a VP candidate for the Republican nominee, provided he wins re-election as Governor. Probably not a good day for Democrats.

  2. I heard the Dems were going to choose the Cities but the GOP beat them to it. Hey, who can resist a three-fold media market in an area with an important primary state and three swing states?

    And yes–The XCel Energy Center = The House That Norm Built

  3. I have no doubt Rudy Giuliani will be giving a speech at the 2008 Republican convention….to throw his support whoever the actual Republican nominee is. Then again, after Rudy gets exposed as the social liberal that he is should he actually pursue the 2008 nomination, even giving the guy a speaking position could backfire. Once fellow ’08 GOP candidates remind voters that Rudy supports the legalization of procedures where babies are extracted from the birth canal before its skull is sliced open and its brains vacuumed out, the man’s reputation in Republican party circles will never be the same.

  4. Yeah, because I’m going to trust a leaked poll conducted by a union with absolutely no access to any internals… if you’re dumb enough to buy that one, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…

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