Foley: I Was Molested

ABC is reporting that former Congressman Mark Foley’s attorney is going to hold a news conference shortly. My guess is that Foley’s actions have been sufficient for a D.A. somewhere to charge Foley on charges of soliciting a minor — there’s no question as to evidence, and there’s no way a grand jury would fail to uphold an indictment. Sadly for the nation, this story isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

UPDATE: Instead, Foley is now saying that he was molested by a clergyman when he was between 13 and 14 and is gay. None of which excuse his actions in any way. Foley seems to be trying to garner sympathy for himself: I rather doubt that will work.

UPDATE: Orin Kerr of The Volokh Conspiracy has some interesting background on the legal issues that arise from this sordid tale.

2 thoughts on “Foley: I Was Molested

  1. He’s not gay. Being gay means he’s attracted to adult men. But Foley is attracted to young boys. There’s a difference.

    Out of all the possible responces, I think this was a bad move on his part.

  2. Oh, right. “Bad for the nation.” Because it’s only a good thing to kick a pedophile out of Congress when you can do it without losing a Republican seat.

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