Democrats Want To Kill John McCain

OK, so not really (or “fake, but accurate” as a certain disgraced news anchor would say), but McCain says that a Democratic takeover of the Senate would cause him to “commit suicide.”

Fortunately, I don’t see a Democratic takeover as all that likely, but I would be keeping the august Senator away from sharp objects nevertheless…

4 thoughts on “Democrats Want To Kill John McCain

  1. “I don’t see a Democratic takeover as all that likely”

    Are you talking about the Senate here or the House? If you’re talking about the former, I agree. If you’re talking about the latter, you and Bush had better pull your head out of the sand together.

  2. I’m talking about the Senate.

    I’m not convinced that the Democrats will take the House, but I’m certainly not convinced that the Republicans will keep it either. It all depends on the political winds of the next few days. If things continue, a Democratic House is a distinct possibility.

  3. You can take a Democratic House to the bank.

    Right now I’d say the Senate is going to be 52-48 or 51-49 (GOP) in January. If the Dems run the table (MO, TN, NJ, RI, VA), it’ll be 51-49 Dems. This will mean Cardin can put MD to bed before the DNC or the DSCC has to spend any money there.

  4. Cardin has Maryland. SUSA’s tied poll is an outlier. On the other hand, the big-money NRSC smears with eventually catch up to Harold Ford in Tennessee, a race that I simply can’t see going the Democrats’ way. Same thing could happen in Missouri.

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