Fox Calls For Menendez

Fox is calling the NJ race for Bob Menendez. That’s not unexpected, but there had been hopes that Kean would be able to pull it off.

Right now it looks like undecideds are breaking towards the Democrats — that’s very bad news for the Republicans in tight races.

On the other hand, so far all the races are proceeding along the lines one would have expected. Kean was a long shot, and Santorum was long predicted to be dead meat. The real test will be the VA race — if Webb pulls ahead, the Democrats might end up in control of the Senate.

This is still going to be a nail biter…

One thought on “Fox Calls For Menendez

  1. Even worse is that high turnout numbers indicate that independents DID turn out to vote. Webb is on pace to win in VA as well, with huge leads among women and independents in CNN’s reliable exit polls. Things are looking ugly for Republicans in the House races as well.

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