Quick Senate Updates

Maryland: Word on the street is that there is heavy amounts of African-American crossover voting for Michael Steele. If Steele wins between 30-35% of the African-American vote in that state, he’s almost sure to win. This is a race to watch, as it could shift the balance for the Senate.

Montana: Turnout is supposed to be absolutely ridiculous — which is a good thing for embattled Senator Conrad Burns. Montana is a very conservative state, and while Democrats have made inroads at the local level, it’s only because they’ve fielded conservative candidates. Tester has run a strong campaign, but I’m in the camp that says that Montana residents are going to come back home to the GOP.

UPDATE: 6:64PM Central
Virginia: This one is going to be down to the wire. I’m watching the results come, and Webb is pulling just slightly ahead of Allen. However, that’s to be expected given that the larger urban areas will be the first to get counted. If Allen has enough turnout in the western and southern parts of the state he can win — if not, he’ll be in trouble.

UPDATE: 7:00PM Central
Virginia: The race has tightened again, with Webb ahead only by a small fraction. Because of the large amount of absentee votes in that race, it could be a long time before we have a definitive answer in that race.

Florida: Unsurprisingly, Katharine Harris is going down in flames. There’s a real shocker…

UPDATE: 7:15PM Central
Virginia: The talking heads on Fox are saying that Allen should have run a more ideologically-based campaign. That’s true, although I think he should have run a smarter campaign in general. Allen seems like he may just barely pull ahead, but this race should never have been this close. One certain loser is Allen’s aspirations for 2008 — after this, he’s damaged goods. He’d better hope that he keeps his seat.

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