Virginia The New Florida?

It looks like Allen has a less than .1% lead against Webb in the VA Senate race. If the predicted strength in GOP absentee ballots is right, Allen could squeak by, but it looks like this race is going to be a very contentious race. Undoubtedly there’s going to be a flurry of recounts and litigation overt this race — one that should never have been this close had Allen not made several unforced errors. I’m with Michael Barone on this one, had Allen made this an ideological contest rather than a person one he could have easily defeated Webb. Instead, this race is one of those infuriatingly close ones that could take days or even weeks before a final result is determined.

One thought on “Virginia The New Florida?

  1. Webb’s gonna win. The tiny number of votes left hanging out there are NOVA Democratic strongholds. Unless there are irregularities in the recount, Webb will win.

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