The Legacy Of Milton Friedman

One of the greatest economists and thinkers since Adam Smith has passed away at the age of 94. The intellectual tradition of Milton Friedman has made this world a better place. Free to Choose remains one of the seminal works in economics, and brought home the importance of free markets in a way that millions could understand. His policies have been so successful that decades after Reagan and Thatcher first implemented them as public policy, they remain still very much alive, despite the shifting of the political winds in intervening years.

There are very few people in the history of the world who have done as much as Milton Friedman in terms of advancing the cause of human liberty. He was one of the visionaries who fought the long, hard fight to establish the values of individual liberty that we today take largely for granted. His ideas were absolutely revolutionary at the time, and in many cases they are now part of the status quo. Certainly the idea that the nationalization of industry or wage and price controls are no longer ones that enjoy much support in American government — just a few decades ago they did.

Dr. Friedman’s legacy lives on, as his Foundation continues to fight for individual liberty in fields from education to healthcare.

Milton Friedman left the world in a much better position than it would have been without him, and despite the fact that liberty has lost one of its greatest champions, the legacy of Milton Friedman’s ideas will continue to live on as millions enjoy the benefits of the economic freedom and individual liberties he championed.

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