Daschle Faces Reality

Tom Daschle has stated that he will not enter the 2008 Presidential race. That’s a smart move on his part, he simply doesn’t have the support necessary for a viable run. His loss in South Dakota has made him damaged goods politically, and he doesn’t offer enough to set him apart from the rest of the pack. A run for the Presidency would just be a case of throwing money and time down the toilet.

Daschle deserves some credit for facing reality, and has a chance to play the part of the elder statesman — and I’m not so sure that he might not have a chance at winning statewide office in South Dakota if he so chooses.

4 thoughts on “Daschle Faces Reality

  1. Attorney General perhaps? Where else would there be an opening for him? By 2010, I expect he’ll be too far out of the game to pose a credible rematch challenge to Thune. Do you think he could have beaten Rounds in the gubernatorial race this year?

  2. I think that Daschle could have had a chance to beat Rounds, probably more so than any other Democrat. (Unless Herseth decides to run, which may be a smart move for her if she has Presidential aspirations. I also wouldn’t discount her being a dark-horse for the VPOTUS slot in 2008 either…)

  3. 1.) Rounds can’t run again.
    2.) There is no way on God’s green Earth Herseth will even be mentioned as an 08 VP pick.

    Worst. Analysis. Ever.

  4. Seth:

    Rounds can’t run for governor again, but I don’t think that’s what he meant. Then again, I’m not sure if Rounds has any aspirations outside of Pierre anyway.

    In the case of Herseth, if she has her eye on a Senate seat, she should probably bide her time until either Johnson or Thune decides they don’t want it anymore. Despite her popularity, she’d have a hell of a match against Thune, though she could probably beat anyone else in the state.

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