Beirut Burning

Michael J. Totten has the heartbreaking story of Hizballah’s campaign of destruction across Lebanon today. Hizballah is trying to rip the fragile Lebanese democracy apart, and the international community has done little to nothing to stop them.

Senator Kerry is right — we’d be far better off supporting the fragile democracy in Lebanon against the predation of Hizballah than we would in supporting the Egyptian autocracy. The Seniora government needs all the help it can get, especially when Hizballah is able to pull off things like this. The West has turned a blind eye towards this vicious group of terrorist thugs for too long — we should be going after Hizballah as well as their Syrian and Iranian masters, and making it quite clear that they will be punished for this sort of action.

Of course, that consensus doesn’t exist, and meanwhile the pall of thick smoke signals what could well be the preface to yet another destructive bout of civil war for the long-suffering people of Lebanon.

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