Like Christmas All Over Again!

Al Franken is running for the Senate in 2008.

This is great news for Norm Coleman, who could be a vulnerable GOP incumbent otherwise. Al Franken is one of the most thin-skinned people out there, his speaking style is atrocious, and Minnesota’s last affair with electing someone to office based solely on celebrity didn’t go so well.

Franken can certainly play to the urban angry liberal set, but he’ll go over like a fart in church outside the Patchouli Belt. Especially given that his angry liberal schtick won’t be relevant without Moby Bush to kick around in 2008.

The second Franken displays his infamous temper and storms out of an interview, it’ll be all over. I’m not convinced he’ll last long enough to even get through the general, especially when the DFL has plenty of candidates who aren’t has-been comedians.

One thought on “Like Christmas All Over Again!

  1. I’m betting Franken won’t be the nominee, but I’m doubtful that any of the leading DFL contenders (Ciresi, McCollum) will be able to beat Coleman.

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