The Libby Conviction

I haven’t had time to digest the conviction of L. “Scooter” Libby on four of the five counts relating to the Fitzgerald investigation — however, it is important to note that this doesn’t vindicate Joe Wilson in any way. He still lied to the press about what he found in Niger, there was no grand conspiracy to “out” his wife, and the real leaker was Richard Armitage all along. Mr. Libby may have lied, but even that is based on what is a rather flimsy case.

This isn’t vindication for anyone, and Patrick Fitzgerald’s overstretch of prosecutorial discretion doesn’t make this case any better. He couldn’t get the big fish he wanted, so he tried to nail who he could get. At the end of the day, Scooter Libby is being hung out to dry for something only tangentially related to the actual investigation. The President will undoubtedly pardon him, and he should do soon.

One thought on “The Libby Conviction

  1. This trial was not about convicting Lewis Libby of a process crime tangential to a flawed and overreaching “investigation.” Not even close; even the jury pool was rigged. This trial was simply about criminalizing conservatism and Republicans. It was about criminalizing the Bush administration as much as possible with a good old-timey Soviet show-trial. Dominating the headlines for weeks and months on end, the Libby trial has set precedent for future prosecutions of political disagreement and differences of opinion.

    It is just one more example of the Stalinist character of today’s modern Democrat Party.

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