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Consider this an open thread on “Our Children’s Children’s War.” For those who saw the documentary, did you think that it made valid points? For those who didn’t, do you think that the “war on terrorism” is truly a generational conflict. What would be the result of a US withdrawal from Iraq on the global war on terrorism? Would it hand al-Qaeda a victory and increase their momentum or would it decrease terrorist recruitment?

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  1. I think the question that needs to be asked is what are we fighting for in this long run? Resources? Democarcy? A containment of a possible future war?

    In the short run the answer is obvious, we need to confront and destroy islamic terrorism (and any other form hostile to western civilization). It is to that goal that we spend billions, and few would begrude that cost. Islamic terrorists are well finacned and organized violent groups and represent a threat to all, even though their ability to inflict casualties is low.

    The question I wish could be answered is what after that? If the middle east is on the verge of a mass eruption- are we just trying to keep it in a bottle to protect the rest of the world? If thats the case why are we so blantantly invovled in middle eastern affairs? These intrusions and alliances will only make us more and more involved in a region under threat.

    Is it about resources? If so why are we not making it a national priorty to get off oil like we did 30 years ago? Where is the sacrfice there? It seems to me if this conflict is truly about keeping friendly hands pumping oil a far cheaper choice would be to make billion dollar investments in upgrading our energey structure.

    Is it about spreading democracy? If so we aren’t doing so hot, we’re currently earning a B- in afghanistan and a D in Iraq. And our funding on spreading democracy through donating to causes and groups lags behind what is needed to have a real influence.

    I did not see the video, although I wish I had. However I’m sure the final answer of why wasn’t given. It may be that we are trying to do all of this, and the reason we are half assing so many things is becasue we can’t afford to do it all at once. However I feel that our country needs to focus on one goal in the long run and not leave it because of political concerns. Only then can we know that the sacrfice of today and the future will be worth it.

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