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This is something you probably do not want to listen to in public — not only because of the language, but because it’s so funny you will won’t want to disturb others with your laughter.

And, since it’s Friday, consider this an open thread…

3 thoughts on “Today’s Moment Of Zen

  1. “Giuliani is absolutely right. The Democrats would make us less safe.”

    What’s so intriguing about this statement is that it was Republicans George Bush and Rudy Giuliani in charge of their respective governments when more than 3,000 Americans were incinerated by terrorists. So Giuliani’s connect-the-dots is not backed up by historical evidence, which produces a clear statistical connection between voting Republican and dying a violent death at the hands of international predators. Yet somehow, Democrats never sink to the level of Giuliani’s “vote for me or you’ll be killed” hysteria.

  2. “Omar Fadhil wonders why the Democratic Party is so eager to throw him and his countrymen into the hands of terrorists and thugs:”

    I must congratulate you on finding a single Iraqi whose last name isn’t Maliki who supports the Bush administration policy for his country.

    “If America loses, the Democrats “win.””

    This sort of bombast only appeals to the GOP faithful. When McCain, Giuliani, Romney and their ilk say it on the campaign trail in the months ahead, donations to their campaigns will swell just as their unfavorable ratings among a reality-grounded voting public continue their upward trajectory.

    “To run away and leave the Iraqis to their fates is the act of an arrogant and self-obsessed power. It is a political, tactical, and moral abomination. It is an act of cowardice. How dare we consider leaving 25 million people in the hands of the deranged few for our own political calculus. Should we engage in such a foolish act, the blood of every Iraqi slaughtered in the inevitable bloodbath to follow will be on all of our hands — especially those who voted to authorize this conflict, Republican and Democrat alike.”

    It’s reasonable to allege that a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq will serve as a proxy timetable for insurgent forces to ramp up their terrorist operations, ultimately turning Iraq into ground zero for long-term sectarian violence. I’m far from convinced that a regional civil war will ignite, but the premise is worthy enough that the Democrats need to address the issue much more effectively when they propose withdrawal timelines. With that said, the Democrats blind eye on this possibility can be inversely connected to the hawks refusal to accept the fact that an Iraq policy without a timeline for withdrawal ensures a permanent outpost of U.S. troops in Iraq forever serving as the welfare army for a dependent quasi-state/colony in Iraq. The alternative to a timeline for withdrawal is a permanent blank check….and only those whose reputation is most at stake for being proven right on a cartoonishly bellicose post-9/11 foreign policy platform (that would be you, Jay Reding) are gonna be willing to accept a generations-long six-figure U.S. troop presence in Iraq with the promise of “victory being right around the corner”.

  3. Spoke with a fellow this week end who has spent the last 12 months in Iraq as an army medic (and is due to return). His opinion is much different than Harry Reid.

    And the US Army is still in Bosnia and the US Army is still in Korea, but I guess those situations and the circumstances that lead to our being there are different.

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