Takes One To Know One

Sen. Harry Reid accused Generals Pace and Petraeus of being “incompetent” at a meeting of liberal bloggers. Never mind that Sen. Reid has an abysmal approval rating of 19%, the audacity of such a statement is reprehensible. Sen. Reid, who knows absolutely nothing about modern warfare and apparently thinks that Iraq is a “distraction” from fighting al-Qaeda (which not even al-Qaeda itself thinks is true) believes that he’s more knowledgeable about this war than the people running it.

Reid’s blind arrogance and unwillingness to accept the obvious is exactly the sort of thing that Democrats have used to attack President Bush. Just as Democrats claim that we never had a “real” debate over getting into Iraq, the Democrats have no interest in having a real discussion of what our abrogation of responsibility in Iraq would do to this country and the region.

Gen. Petraeus wrote his Princeton dissertation on counter-insurgency warfare and what “lessons learned” from Vietnam were based on falsehoods and inaccurate information. Perhaps the good Senator from Nevada should read it — then maybe he’d be less apt to make an ass of himself when he speaks a friend.

As Don Surber acidly notes, if one wants real incompetence, one has to look no farther than Senator Reid himself:

It took Republicans 12 years to dissolve. Democrats have done it in less than six months.

I congratulate them on their efficiency.

If Congress were just making a mockery of itself, things wouldn’t be so bad, but they’re making a mockery of this country in front of a group of savages who would just love to see us all dead. The military is performing bravely, but they’re being shot in the back by a dysfunctional political culture that is more concerned with pork-barrel spending than strengthening this country.

UPDATE: Liberal bloggers made the claim that Sen. Reid never said what he said. Then Reid ends up saying that he did indeed call Gen. Pace incompetent. Once again, liberal bloggers demonstrate that partisanship comes at the expense of everything else…

5 thoughts on “Takes One To Know One

  1. The Democrats have “dissolved” in six months? Wouldn’t you just love that. The fact is that Harry Reid’s low approval rating is primarily the result of being TO THE RIGHT of the American people who want to see a timeline for withdrawing from Iraq, which Reid was not able to produce last month.

    And kudos for expressing due shame on Reid for his “unwillingness to accept the obvious”….that victory is right around the corner in Iraq….just as it was in May 2003….and January 2004….and May 2005….and August 2006. Reid just doesn’t get it!

  2. And why oh why, Jay, after the phony outrage directed at Harry Reid, couldn’t you find room to criticize John McCain who asked Pace the following….

    “While there are very pressing questions about the future of the Army, you will, of course, in this hearing be asked to review the mistakes in American strategy in Iraq during your command, how the previous Iraq strategy was formulated, why it failed, and why it was not changed sooner, and the lessons that were learned…And you’ll need to explain why your assessment of the situation in Iraq has differed so radically from that of most observers and why your predictions of future success have been so unrealistically rosy.”

    It’s all about semantics, isn’t it big guy. You don’t want to talk about the war in Iraq. You want to talk about how Democrats talk about the war in Iraq.

  3. “The fact is that Harry Reid’s low approval rating is primarily the result of being TO THE RIGHT of the American people who want to see a timeline for withdrawing from Iraq, which Reid was not able to produce last month.”

    Hilarious. With your tortured logic, Mark, you only affirm Jay’s argument. If Harry Reid, an avowed communist, is ever “TO THE RIGHT” of the American people there could be no more damning evidence of his absolute incompetence. (Except in real estate swindles, of course).

    As for McCain, surely you recognize such leftist pablum for what it is. McCain is nothing but a media whore and always has been. He knows what warms the Leftists’ hearts and gets him back on TV. He kisses Pace’s ass off-camera, trust me. That’s his style and the reason he will never get the nomination.

  4. Reid is to the right of the American people? Wow can I have some of whatever you’ve been snorting? The Dhimmiecrats have worked hard to demonstrate how corrupt and base they can be and have exceeded the expectations of even the most hopeful of their opposition. Whether it be crooked land deals of Reid, to padding payrolls, to making the GOP look like Puritans when it comes to pork, and for the sheer incompetence in dealing with the major issues facing the republic none can accuse Reid and the dhimmies of challenging the competency of the three stooges.

    Who has heard of a political figure who had a 19% approval rating or a dhimmiecrat congress so unpopular that it rivals the Hildabeast.

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