Technolusting In My Heart

I’ve decided to get an iPhone.

Not only that, but I’m planning on getting one on opening day.

I’m that nuts.

The big question has been what kind of data plan the iPhone requires. I currently pay $39.99 for my 450 voice minutes (with rollover) and another $19.99 for unlimited data for my smartphone. (And believe me, having Google Maps makes that bill well worth it. I’d quite literally be lost without it.) I’d maybe consider paying more for an iPhone, but much more would be a dealbreaker.

And thankfully, the plans for the iPhone are exactly the same as what I’m getting now. I’ve been happy with Cingular’s service so far. I do get some dropped calls, but only rarely. The billing has always been straightforward, and the rollover is nice for those of us who almost never use more than a couple of hundred minutes a month. Paying $20/month for unlimited data really isn’t bad – yes, AT&T’s EDGE network is slow, but for reading the news and getting email, it’s just fine.

Apple could have made the iPhone prohibitively expensive, but the plans released for it are quite reasonable. AT&T could have burned the people who would get an iPhone even if they had to pay through the nose (or some other orifice) for one. Instead, they have a set of plans and an activation system that’s groundbreakingly easy.

I used to think Apple was a dumb company that made ugly computers and would be out of business before the turn of the millennium. Now I’m a bloody Apple fanboy with a MacBook, and iMac, three iPods of varying size, and soon will have an iPhone. Apple knows how to create an experience and make products that people want to buy.

Of course, that means that I’m going to have to get one now. Damn you Apple and AT&T!

One thought on “Technolusting In My Heart

  1. Apple has brought style to tech, that’s for sure. I can’t bring myself to spend that much on a phone. I’d happily pay that much for it if it didn’t have the phone, which is a slap to the face of logic. I’ll probably get a wizpy instead.

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