Live Earth: Climate Change Jumps The Shark

Tim Blair take Al Gore’s “Live Earth” concert and gives it a good whack upside the head:

Consider the vast carbon footprint of Live Earth, during which the world’s most indulgent people – rock stars – will demand that their followers pledge to “take personal action to help solve the climate crises by reducing my own C02 pollution as much as I can.”

Has Live Earth performer Keith Urban sold his Bentleys yet? (Actually, merely selling those 12-cylinder babies won’t reduce C02 emissions; he must destroy them.) I’ve been trying to come up with a violently destructive Gaia-raping stunt for us to participate in on Live Earth day, but it is literally impossible for even several thousand non-millionaires to match Live Earth’s own level of eco-vandalism while remaining within their means and the law.

That’s the irony of these sort of things — these “awareness raising” concerts are more about a bunch of vapid celebrities trying to show the world that they care rather than getting anything of substance done. No doubt the amount of CO2 pumped into the stratosphere by these jet-setting rockers is more than mere mortals will produce in their entire lives. Having a worldwide concert to help promote cutting down on CO2 is about like having a hotdog-eating contest to promote awareness of childhood obesity: it’s just silly.

2 thoughts on “Live Earth: Climate Change Jumps The Shark

  1. I commented on the Live Earth Pledge on my site that covers global warming, Is It Getting Warmer? (  You can read my full comments there but, in short, I think it is slightly foolish to make a pledge that is nearly impossible to carry out. 90% reduction of carbon footprint on a national scale is almost ludicrous and would cause extreme hardship on any nation, probably causing millions of lives globally.

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