Helping McCain, Helping The Troops

The Politico reports that John McCain is circulating an action plan for staying in the race — basically cutting expenses and trying to utilize free media more effectively while also comparing the McCain campaign to Reagan’s early campaign in 1980.

I’m not sure McCain can make a comeback, but I’ve decided to make a small donation to his campaign regardless. Even if John McCain doesn’t make a political comeback, he has been a staunch supporter of America’s Armed Forces in this and prior conflicts. I may not always agree with Senator McCain on many issues, but when it comes to the most important this Republic faces, he has been as much of a patriot and as shown nearly as much bravery as he did when he faced the torture rooms of the Hanoi Hilton.

At the same time, I’ve decided to give a matching donation to Operation Troop Aid, a non-profit organization that sends care packages to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Small items like granola bars, hand wipes, and something as simple as letters from home make a huge difference to American servicemembers who can spend days on patrol in the hot and dusty environments of Iraq and Afghanistan.

We who support this war have an obligation to give more than just moral support to our servicemembers fighting in this war — something as simple as a 120 minute phone card, some airline miles, or a care package lets them know that they’re not alone in this struggle. We can’t all serve on the front lines, but we damn well can give to this important cause.

America is lucky to have such patriots, and even if McCain’s campaign may not last all that long, the message he’s conveying on this war is one that needs to be heard — moreover, our troops need more than just the moral support of having a strong advocate in Washington, they need to know that the American people are thinking of them as well.

One thought on “Helping McCain, Helping The Troops

  1. I went to a baseball game with one of his staffers a couple weeks ago (one that wasn’t laid off, but he did take a pay cut). It was pretty tough not to point out that it really stinks when the policies that you’ve been advocating for America’s workers hit you.

    Yours is a party with the wheels falling off right now. Incumbents getting outraised by Democrats, incumbents getting outraised by primary challengers, a Senator in South Carolina with higher approvals among Democrats than Republicans, and a very telling victory for the upstart in GA-10, where the winner essentially said he’d be a Republican without being in a Republican (Sidebar: it takes some real committed GOPers to buy that line, but yours is just the party to do it). It would be fun to watch, if it weren’t watching a story of a group of people getting together and screwing America.

    Have fun with that contribution to McCain. I’d like to light some money on fire just to see what it looks like, and it would be just about as effective. Think you could just go ahead and do it for me and post a video of it?

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