Hizballah In America

David Bernstein notes that the head of US intelligence has warned that Hizballah has established sleeper cells in the United States, ready to strike if the US engages in military action against Iran.

I’m not particularly surprised about this — Hizballah is responsible for the murder of US citizens in Beirut and Saudi Arabia, and they have the Iranian financial backing to pull off even more ambitious acts if they wanted to. Getting into the United States is trivial — even after September 11, our visa procedures are still quite lax, and failing that we have two very porous borders with Canada and Mexico that make it easy for a foreign national to slip into the country.

That being said, I’m not sure that their plans would work as intended — if it were found that Iranian-backed agents were launching attacks in the US, it would make the American populace more rather than less likely to want to punish Iran for their actions. Then again, given the way in which the cancer of the blame-America-first mentality seems to have metastasized in this country, it could be that Hizballah knows us better than we know ourselves — certainly that’s the view al-Qaeda has of us, and we’re giving them every reason to believe it correct.

UPDATE: As Power Line notes, Hizballah has no problem finding a base of financial support in the United States, which makes it much less surprising that they would also have sleeper cells active here.

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  1. Cigarette smuggling is the primary fundraising engine of Hezbollah in the United States….meaning Congress’ pending approval of another massive cigarette tax increase will only enlarge Hezbollah’s revenue-raising capacity. You can always count on our elected leaders from both parties to come up with the dumbest and most counterproductive solutions to any given problem.

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