NYT: War Support Increases

The New York Times found itself puzzled when their own polling showed that support for the war had increased beyond the margin of error. So, they did the poll again and found the same result.

I’m not surprised — if more people actually pay attention to what’s going on in Iraq, they can see that progress is being made. Meanwhile, a scant 3% support Congress on the war — if people pay attention to the shameless politicization of this issue, they’re likely to see why the current Congressional leadership are acting like petulant children.

Still, polling ultimately doesn’t matter. We don’t conduct our military policy by poll in this country, nor should we. What this does say is that the political winds can and do shift, and when a party “leads” by nothing more than political expediency, they’re not leading at all. Especially if Gen. Petraeus gives a positive report next month the Democratic caucus could be split.

What’s truly disgusting is that Rep. Clymer’s comments make it official — what is good for the country is viewed as bad for the Democratic Party. If we want to criticize the Iraqis for blind sectarianism, perhaps we should be setting a better example.

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