Giving A Whole New Meaning To SuperLawyer…

A gunman armed with an assault rifle met his match when he was subdued by Keith Radtke, an attorney at Minneapolis law firm Faegre & Benson:

Authorities were already on the way, in hot pursuit of the 23-year-old Circle Pines man who had terrorized neighborhoods in two states after firing at police in Hudson, Wis. Moments later, he was in custody, subdued by Keith Radtke, a homeowner who was shot during the struggle.

Radtke was listed in good condition at Regions Hospital in St. Paul on Saturday and, although he didn’t want to talk about his ordeal, authorities had a message for him: Thanks.< ?p>

Sgt. Andrew Ellickson said he was convinced that if Radtke’s brave actions hadn’t stopped the suspect, he would have caused more damage and injuries.

“He wouldn’t have been stopped,” Ellickson said.

Radtke was shot by the suspect, but still managed to keep him subdued until the police could arrive. The suspect had been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon before, and it was only a matter of time before he would have caused even more harm to others — or may have killed some one.

It takes a huge amount of courage to face down someone armed with an assault rifle and keep that person subdued until law enforcement can arrive. At the same time, knowing the stakes, Radtke made the right call. His family was nearby and could have been hurt or killed by the gunman. Radtke’s quick thinking and personal bravery is worthy of the highest praise.

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