Doesn’t That Kind Of Defeat The Purpose?

This headline from the Star Tribune sounds like something more suited to The Onion:

Anarchists to hold planning meeting

C’mon people, you’re anarchists! Since when did anarchists have planning meetings?

Of course, these “anarchists” are just the usual leftist nutters whose idiocy will undoubtedly land many of them in jail. For all their talk about “direct, participatory democracy” they’ll do whatever they can to infringe upon the democratic rights of the Republicans attending the convention, because their idea of “democracy” is the same as their ideological kin like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Joseph Stalin — as in “do what we say, or else.” (And no, comparing them to Stalin isn’t inappropriate – International ANSWER is an organization founded by the Stalinist World Worker’s Party — a Marxist/Leninist organization.)

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