Thompson To Announce September 6th

Pajamas Media has details of Fred Thompson formally entering the 2008 race.

His campaign has stumbled in the last few weeks with staffing shakeups, but the reality is that nobody outside the Beltway is going to care about those things. Thompson is either going to stand or fall based on how well he connects with the Republican Party base and the general electorate. Given Thompson’s credentials and policy platforms, I think Thompson has a very strong shot at winning the nomination.

2008 will be an election that will be decided on which candidate can restore competence and trust to government. Thompson, in my opinion, has a better record of that than any of the other candidates, and if he can play to those strengths, he could quickly rise in the polls. Giuliani has had a comfortable lead for several months now, but if Thompson plays his cards right, that could change.

One thing is for certain, on September 6th, the 2008 GOP race will get quite a bit more interesting and the dynamics will certainly change in ways that may be very hard to predict.

One thought on “Thompson To Announce September 6th

  1. No way I would vote for Thompson. He represents old school politics to me. I want someone whose down to earth and really understand middle class voters….that guy is Mike Huckabee. Thompson will be seen as old cranky white guy by woman and youngerf voters. If he actually runs and somehow got the nomination (which I doubt) he woudl be slaughtered by whomever the democratic candidate is…..The GOP needs a fresh candidate….Huckabee is the guy

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