No Backsies

It appears as though Idaho Senator Larry Craig is rethinking his decision to resign from the US Senate. That is, to put it mildly, an incredibly bad idea.

Senator Craig made the decision to resign, which set in motion plans to appoint his successor and allowed the Senator to defend himself (such as he legally can) without the spectacle impacting the people of Idaho and the United States Senate. To try to go back on that promise now will not endear him to anyone. He made his choice, and now he has to live with the consequence of that decision. If he doesn’t like them, he should have thought first.

Senator Craig keeps compounding his situation. He plead guilty but now maintains his innocence. He resigned, but now wants to take it back. Those are not the actions of an honorable man. Senator Craig is proving to be an embarrassment, and it is time that he his political career came to an end. If he truly thinks that his ouster was undeserved, he can certainly try to clear his name and run again. Somehow, I have a feeling that the voters of Idaho will be less than impressed with such a maneuver.

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