The Great Relaunching

Welcome back to the newly relaunched Jay

A few months ago, this site began having some odd technical problems. The template would revert back to the WordPress default. The database was starting to have random problems with the comments table. The amount of spam was overwhelming a database that had been passed around various blogging systems more times than a doobie at a Grateful Dead concert. Before things got too bad, I took the site down to try to get a handle on what was going on.

In the meantime, the site was in dire need of a new template, since I apparently can’t keep a design more than six months. There are some nifty new features — a print stylesheet in case you’ve the urgent need to contribute to the death of some trees, a special template for the iPhone/iPod which is scientifically proven to increase your hipness factor by at least .04%, and WordPress widgets which gives me the power to add all sorts of junk to the sidebar on a whim. (Which I’ve no intention of doing.)

So, welcome back. It’s nice to know that you’re missed when you’re gone. But, to borrow a quote, it’s time to get back on the horse…

UPDATE: You’ll also notice the new tagging feature, which allows you to see posts based on more specific information than the old WordPress category system.

There’s also an incredibly geeky and equally obscure sci-fi reference somewhere in this template. See if you can find it…

12 thoughts on “The Great Relaunching

  1. Welcome back, Jay.
    I was wondering why you had disappeared. For a while I have been thinking that maybe you had converted to Communism and were unwilling to let the world know 🙂


  2. You think the iPod is Hip? That’s so unhip it’s a wonder your buns don’t fall off.

    Like the redesign, though.

  3. Wikipedia tells me it’s Dr. Who, but not how to pronounce it.

    And we have a winner… 🙂

    It’s Welsh for “Bad Wolf” and it’s prounounced like “bly-th droog” (the “dd” in Welsh is a “th” sound).

  4. I’m not even finding where you “hid” Blaidd Drwg. If I would have found it, I would have nailed it though! 😉

    If you look in the source code, it’s the name of the new template.

    I should add that I presume you’ve seen Mr. Saxon.

    Does anyone hear that drumming? 🙂

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