Captain Ed notes that shoe designer Manolo Blahnik (of Sex and the City fame) is making shoes for “men”. And I use the term “men” in quotation marks because anyone dumb enough to wear this deserves to have their Testicular Operation License permanently yanked:


No doubt Blahnik is going for the target market of rich, incredibly gay men with no sense of taste. However, since Liberace is dead, I’m not sure who else would go for these. Ed has some suggestions:

ABC acknowledges that the market for Man-olo may be somewhat limited. “It’s not entirely clear who will buy Manolo Blahnik’s men’s shoes — or what they’ll wear with them,” the caption reads. Perhaps a nice cobalt-blue murse (man-purse)? Maybe a blue suede suit, complete with an oversized matching fedora and outrageous peacock feather? Afterwards, I can trick out my Honda CRV as a full-blown pimpmobile, too.

Now that I would pay $700 for…

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