Why Is The Media So Scared Of Fred Thompson?

Fred Thompson comes out against another smear by another irresponsible reporter:

Today I had this story written about me regarding what I said at a Town Hall event in Burlington, Iowa by a reporter who wasn’t even at the event. Incidentally, I declined to be interviewed by this particular reporter yesterday for reasons which will soon be apparent.

In referring to me, she reported “he doesn’t like modern campaigning, isn’t interested in running for President, and will not be devastated” if he doesn’t win.

Below is a transcript of what I actually said in response to a question by a local Burlington resident which was the basis of the reporter’s story.

It is clear that there are those in the media who will exact a high price for candor and from those whom they consider to be insufficiently ambitious. But it is with increasing amazement that we see that those who are willing to slant or leave out important parts of a story to make their point.

I used to attribute the “lazy Thompson” narrative to nothing more than the media’s own lack of interest in real coverage—but with the number of times Sen. Thompson has been deliberately misquoted I’m starting to wonder if there’s something more at play here. I’m starting to wonder if the media isn’t afraid of Sen. Thompson. After all, the media leans heavily Democratic—and they have a vested interest in seeing the weakest possible Republican challenger to their heir apparent Hillary Clinton. That’s why the media has been playing hands-off with Mike Huckabee—they know that his pseudo-populism would fracture the economic and social wings of the Republican coalition and ensure a Clinton victory. Sen. Thompson is an authentic conservative on both fiscal and social issues. He’s strongly pro-life, he’s strong against earmarks, and when it comes to judges, Sen. Thompson is the one that President Bush chose to help Chief Justice Roberts through the Senate. Thompson would keep the Republican base together in a way that few—if any— of the other Republican hopefuls can.

No wonder they’re afraid.

What Sen. Thompson actually said in Iowa reminds me of precisely why I support Sen. Thompson’s bid for the Presidency. He isn’t a career politician, nor is he a member of the Beltway political class. From Sen. Thompson’s remarks:

If people really want in their president super type-a personality, someone who has gotten up every morning and gone to bed every night and been thinking about for years how they win the presidency of the United States, someone who can look you straight in the eye and say they enjoy every minute of campaigning, I ain’t that guy. So I hope I’ve discussed that and didn’t talk you out of anything. I honestly want – I can’t imagine a worse set of circumstances [than] achieving the Presidency of the United States under false pretenses. I go out of my way to be myself.

We’ve had enough of phony political hacks pandering to every possible group under the sun. The professional political class in this country is an affront to the values of citizen leadership that the Founders desired. Sen. Thompson has a career of civil service, but he’s hardly a member of the political class. His campaign is based strongly on ideas, not empty promises and not attempts to conceal the issues with gauzy personal narratives.

Thompson remains tied with the rest of the pack, but if substance were what mattered, he’d be winning by a large margin. The media keeps misquoting him because they have their narratives in play, and they’re scared that a solid conservative might get the Republican nomination and take the Republican Party to the White House for another four years. Republican primary voters need only concentrate on who the media wants them to vote for to know precisely who is the least fit to win. Thompson is the real thing—a conservative with solid policy prescriptions and the ability to get them enacted. That’s what the media fears, and that’s what the country most desperately needs.

4 thoughts on “Why Is The Media So Scared Of Fred Thompson?

  1. Damn you, Jay….making me almost choke on my dinner in uncontrollable laughter. Even when Fred Thompson is on camera saying he doesn’t like running for President, you’re still telling us not to believe our own lying eyes.

    “I used to attribute the “lazy Thompson” narrative to nothing more than the media’s own lack of interest in real coverage”

    I did in the very beginning as well. It was sure nice of Grandpa Fred to dispel those notions and make clear to us with his own words that he’s too lazy to run for President. Unbelievable! How this bum ever got elected dog catcher blows my mind. The only reason the media would be “afraid” of Thompson is that his Democratic opponent would mop the floor with him so bad that it would turn their “election contest of a lifetime” plans into a bust.

    “His campaign is based strongly on ideas”

    Unfortunately for him (and Republican voters), he talks about those “ideas” as infrequently as humanly possible for a Presidential candidate.

    “Thompson remains tied with the rest of the pack”

    Show me a single poll from a single state where Thompson is “tied”….unless you’re talking about tied in sixth place with Duncan Hunter.

    “Thompson is the real thing—a conservative with solid policy prescriptions and the ability to get them enacted. That’s what the media fears, and that’s what the country most desperately needs.”

    Sure thing!! But first Grandpa Fred needs a nap and a glass of sweet tea.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m still waiting for some citations to back up your claims of Huckabee “whining” the other day. That timing of that allegation is particularly ironic now that your preferred candidate is bellyaching about having to actually (gasp!) campaign for the Presidency. Wahhhhhhhhh!

  2. Too bad you didn’t choke period Mark.

    You obviously don’t have the first clue who Fred is and you’ve got a real lazy problem in not doing your homework…the only thing it appears you don’t have a problem with is running your big mouth.

    Get your ass and your mouth, yes, that might be the same thing with you, over to his website and see that he has offered much more than any other candidate in real solutions for our real situations.

    A solution for Social Security that doesn’t hurt who’s on it now or leave it for our children to pay for it.

    A strong illegal immigration policy that the other candidates liked so much that they copied it.

    A Flat tax plan that your pocket will love as do the experts.

    Any asshole can run his mouth Mark, lets see if you know how to wise up.


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