Down To The Wire In New Hampshire

It’s looking like the action tonight will be on the Republican side. With about an hour before the polls close, Obama is almost certainly to rout Hillary, but the race between McCain and Romney appears to be closer than expected.

If Romney loses tonight, it’s hard to see how his campaign can keep going over the long term. If Romney wins, it could easily revive his campaign and sink that of John McCain. What happens tonight will have some significant impacts on the rest of the GOP race.

The long night of Hillary Clinton looks like it’s going to get a lot longer and a lot darker. She’s being forced into the same strategy as Rudy Giuliani, hoping that Super-Duper Ultra Mega Tuesday will lift her fortunes. It’s a risky strategy, and one that doesn’t seem to be a smart one for either candidate—except that for Rudy, he consciously chose that strategy.

In any event, the unseasonably warm weather has lifted turnout to record levels, with around half a million New Hampshire residents voting tonight.

More analysis tonight as the results come in.

UPDATE: Word is that there is strong turnout in both the Democratic and GOP races.

2 thoughts on “Down To The Wire In New Hampshire

  1. Predictions?

    I’m betting Obama swamps Billary by 13 points….and that Hillary’s numbers are closer to third-place Edwards than first-place Obama.

    On the Republican side, I’m still betting on a fairly decent McCain victory over Willard, somewhere in the neighborhood of five points.

  2. Wow, everybody got this wrong. Too close to call according to exit polls. So much for this race being over. Hillary gets to be “the comeback kid” just like her husband even if she loses at this point.

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