So Long, Bill

Former NM Governor Bill Richardson will drop out of the race. This isn’t surprising, as he’s not made much progress and is unlikely to do so in the future. Richardson’s foreign policy statements squandered what little credibility he had—and even sucking up to the radical left couldn’t save him. The word has always been that Richardson has really been running to be Hillary’s VP, which is possible. Then again, given his paltry level of support, I wouldn’t be so sure that he has much of a chance of that.

One thought on “So Long, Bill

  1. Right, Jay. Richardson has “squandered” his running mate prospects, but Fred Thompson “has put himself on the short list of Republican Vice-Presidential candidates”. Surely you jest on both arguments….because I worry about your mental health if you’re serious. Richardson is a wildly popular Governor of a swing state in a swing region with the most impressive resume of anybody in American politics. Thompson is a long-retired Southern Senator who proudly acknowledges he was bored with the job and that it interfered with his acting schedule. Now, in the midst of a Presidential race where he urinated away a national lead to finish the New Hampshire primary with fewer votes than Dennis Kucinich, Thompson boasted in front of the cameras that he doesn’t like the process of campaigning for President. Who’s gonna be the lucky Republican that gets to share a ticket with this guy? And yeah….that Richardson with his decades of diversified experience is really awful.

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