Thompson/Watts 2008?

Here’s an interesting bit of scuttlebutt circulating around the campaign trail courtesy of Jim Geraghty. There’s talk of a possible ticket of Fred Thompson and former Oklahoma Representative J.C. Watts should Thompson get the nomination. That would be one hell of a ticket: Watts is a charismatic figure who could reach out to new voters. Then again, it’s far too premature to start speculating about the veepstakes when the top of the ticket isn’t close to being decided.

Still, I’d crawl through broken glass to vote for a Thompson/Watts ticket in 2008, and it would be an opportunity for the GOP to broaden their appeal in a way that they’ve not done in a long time.

2 thoughts on “Thompson/Watts 2008?

  1. I Love JC Watts…I have an enormous amoutn of respect for the man….however since Thompson has as much of chance of being nominated as Ron Paul…..I wouldnt get too excited….

  2. Watts would make an outstanding choice for running mate on the Republican ticket….for McCain, Huckabee, or Willard at least. Why would anyone sane even float the idea of “who Fred Thompson’s running mate will be” when he’s pulling in fewer primary votes than Dennis Kucinich.

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