Attorney General Giuliani?

Rudy Giuliani has now officially endorsed John McCain for the Republican nomination, calling McCain an American hero.

Rudy would be an excellent pick for an Attorney General in a Republican administration. As a former prosecutor and USA, he has the right connections and the right set of experience. He’d be tough and crime and government corruption. His managerial style has been less than desirable (see Bernie Kerik), but it’s hard to argue that he didn’t manage to produce real results in a hostile bureaucratic environment. The same could be said of Rudy as Secretary of Homeland Security. He would be a solid pick in a position that required transforming a bureaucracy and getting it back on the right track.

It’s unlikely that Rudy would be a solid VP pick (although not out of the question) as McCain might want to pick someone with more pull among conservatives, but if Rudy wants to go into public service there are any number of positions he could take.

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