McCain’s Pre-Super Tuesday Message

I got this email from John McCain as a reminder to vote in tomorrow’s Minnesota caucus:

Like me, Mike Christian was shot down and captured in Vietnam. As his cellmate, I watched as Mike began to collect little scraps of red, white and blue cloth, and with a needle fashioned from a splinter of bamboo, he sewed an American flag on the inside of his blue prison shirt. Every afternoon, my fellow POWS and I would recite the Pledge of Allegiance to Mike’s flag. No other event of the day held as much meaning for us.

The prison guards soon discovered Mike’s flag – an offense for which he was beaten severely. Mike was returned to our cell and we helped him to the bare mattress in the room. After a few moments, with Mike still bloodied, broken and eyes nearly swollen shut, we watched in awe as he gathered his scraps of cloth and started sewing another American flag.

We must never forget those Americans who, with their courage, with their sacrifice, and with their lives, have protected our right to vote.

For all the criticism Sen. McCain’s gotten—much of it well deserved—messages like this remind us of who he is not only as a candidate, but as an American.

One thought on “McCain’s Pre-Super Tuesday Message

  1. Predictions for Tsunami Tuesday????

    On the GOP side, I’m predicting John McCain all but wraps up the nomination tomorrow night. Willard will have few victories, and Huckabee will do just well enough in the South to deny Willard desperately needed wins and allowing McCain to squeak by with soft South Carolina-esque margins. I’d be surprised if either Willard or Huckabee was still in the race by week’s end.

    The race will be more slightly more competitive for Democrats, but I predict another disappointing night for Obama. Hillary has overperformed polls in both New Hampshire and Nevada, and I predict she’ll do the same again tomorrow, easily besting Obama is the big prize of California. Much of the wind will be sucked out of Obama’s campaign after ending the night with a nearly 2-1 delegate deficit against Hillary, who will start piling up wins in the weeks ahead.

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