Invasion Of The Obody Snatchers

I get that people really like Obama, but this sort of thing is just plain disturbing:

It reminds me more of this than a normal political ad:

Sooner or later (and it’s looking like sooner), there is going to be a major backlash against this whole cult of personality thing rising around Sen. Obama. Most people are smart enough to see through the idea that some schmuck running for President is not going to solve all our problems, no matter how eloquent that schmuck may be. At the end of the day, Barack Obama is a politician. He may be a gifted one, but he’s just a politician. If you put all your faith in politicians, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. American voters do not take kindly to this kind of self-adulatory nonsense—just look at what happened to Howard Dean in Iowa.

I keep saying that Hillary’s the stronger candidate—one of the reasons why being that she isn’t saddled with supporters who come off looking like Tom Cruise in a Scientology video.

Don’t be surprised if this thing appears in a GOP attack ad sooner or later—there’s just too much there not to give it the mocking it so richly deserves.

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