Richardson Endorses Obama

Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson is set to endorse Barack Obama today. This is somewhat surprising given that Richardson has long been a political patron of the Clintons and was one of the top picks as Hillary’s VP.

It’s easily foreseeable that a deal was struck to make Richardson Obama’s VP. What are some of the top things that Obama will need? Outreach to Hispanics and foreign policy experience on his ticket. Richardson provides them both. Richardson has an equally strident pro-surrender stance in Iraq, and has some appeal with both the far left and moderates. He didn’t set the world on fire as a Presidential candidate, but he’d be a solid VP pick for Obama.

…then again, maybe not…

2 thoughts on “Richardson Endorses Obama

  1. It’s all about timing. With revotes in Florida and Michigan looking out of the question, Hillary’s nomination prospects are looking even bleaker. Richardson said about a month ago that he would endorse the candidate who looked as though they had clinched the nomination as a means of ensuring party unity, which suggested he was poised to endorse Obama as recently as early March. Little surprise then that he’d choose now to officially get behind Obama. Rumors are flying that John Edwards may be leaning towards endorsing Hillary. That would be a wild turn of events if it played out.

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