Server Problems

Apparently some time in the past few days the server that this site is hosted on was moved, without any warning. Posts, comments, and trackbacks from the last few days are missing as they were sent to the old server, which is now apparently unreachable. Needless to say I’m a little annoyed that a server changed its IP address with no notice for those of us who manage our own DNS settings.

With that geeky rant aside, the site should start working again as soon as your service provider catches the new address. Fortunately, my email is hosted with Google, so I haven’t missed any emails over the break. I should also be able to restore at least one of the missing posts from a backup, and the other one was a brief aside that’s not worth preserving.

Between this and a @*&(^ snowstorm, this week is not starting very well…

UPDATE: On the good side, the upgrade to WordPress 2.5 was quite seamless—then again, that’s what I’ve come to expect from WordPress these days.

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