Charlton Heston, RIP

Award-winning actor Charlton Heston passed away yesterday at the age of 84. From Ben Hur to Planet of the Apes, Heston was a Hollywood legend and an actor who could always be counted on to play larger-than-life characters.

Not only was he a great actor, but he was a tireless campaigner for human rights, from marching with Martin Luther King, Jr to campaigning for the rights of gun owners as president of the NRA.

Mitch Berg has a wonderful memorial to Heston’s life and career.


One thought on “Charlton Heston, RIP

  1. Hopefully, Heston’s death will provoke some discussion of his camp classic “Soylent Green”, made in 1972 and serving as a precursor to the global warming debate. The message of the film perfectly dispels the right-wing talking point that “global cooling” was a consensus position in the scientific community in the 1970’s just because a couple articles in Time and Newsweek mentioned the possibility. The reality is that the “greenhouse effect”, as discussed in “Soylent Green”, was the consensus position even in the early 1970s.

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