A Gift From The Heart

From Drudge:

The Republican Party of Florida had a gift for actor Alec
Baldwin, who was the featured speaker Saturday night at the Florida Democratic
Party’s state conference at Walt Disney World: A one-way Greyhound ticket to

The reason, said Florida GOP chairman Al Cardenas, was
because Baldwin reportedly promised to leave the country if President Bush
was elected president.

The state GOP paid $70 for the ticket, which was printed in
Baldwin’s name. GOP staffers also passed out copies of the ticket that said
"Well, here in Disney World, dreams can come true!" The fliers were
addressed, "Alec, courtesy of your good friends at the Republican Party of

Baldwin, for his part, had a gift for Republican Gov. Jeb Bush:
a stuffed toy with a picture of Bush covering the face which Baldwin called a
"Jebbie" award. Baldwin said Bush’s efforts as an actor pretending
to have the interests of Floridians at heart "would make Lawrence Olivier
genuflect in admiration."

Baldwin said he understood that the governor and Lt. Gov.
Frank Brogan didn’t like his acting.

"I hope you know that hurt my feelings," Baldwin said. "I know
an actor when I see one and this governor is a great actor."

Poor Alec’s feelings were hurt, so sad. I’m sure a nice bus trip to Montreal
would make him feel better. Although I’m not sure if the Canadians would take
him… perhaps he could find a home in France?