Saudi Bluster

The Saudis are
trying to erode US support for Israel by using oil as a weapon
. Would someone
remind the Saudis that they’re irrelevant? Even if they cut oil production, the
Russians would be more than happy to pick up some of the slack. (Coincidentally
the Russians have rebuffed Saudi efforts to enter into a strategic alliance against
the US. Looks like the Russians can read the writing on the wall too.) The Saudi
economy depends on oil sales, and they can only cut so much before they start
to feel it.

President Bush should use his meeting with Prince Abdullah as an opportunity
to remind the Saudis that the emperor has no clothes. They can restrict our
oil, remove us from their bases, but nothing will prevent us from removing
Saddam Hussein from power. It won’t be long before we turn our eyes towards
their own corrupt autocracy. The Saudis should realize that now is the worst
possible time to play hardball with the United States.