The United States has
officially given notice that the US will not participate in the International Criminal
. No doubt this will ruffle quite a few feathers over the Atlantic, but the
reasoning behind this decision is sound. The ICC would quickly become as politicized
as the UN, which means that US citizens could be put before what would amount to
a kangaroo court. While the goals of the ICC are drafted in noble language about
punishing genocide and other human rights violations, the reality of the court would
likely be something else entirely.

Furthermore, the ICC treaty cannot be ratified under the United States
Constitution as it would violate basic rights such as the provision against
double jeopardy and unreasonable search and seizure laws. The ICC would
become another anti-US, anti-Israel organ that would be able to place US
citizens in jeopardy. Striking down US involvement in the ICC is the
constitutionally correct thing to do, and President Bush has taken what is bound
to be an unpopular stand, but one that must be taken to preserve the safety
of US citizens and the sovereignty of the United States.