Score One For The Good Guys

The governments anti-terrorism measures have netted their first big catch –
foiling an al-Qaeda plan to detonate a "dirty bomb" in a major American city
. Abdullah Al Mujahir, a former Chicago street gang member, trained with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and believe that he was safe from interdiction because he carried a US passport. Fortunately for millions of Americans, he was wrong.

What does this tell us? That despite the cries of civil libertarians, racial profiling works. Imagine if some government flack had wanted the FBI to back down on this guy and allowed him to travel freely in the United States. We could be looking at the downtown region of a major American city coated with radioactive material, potentially killing thousands. When we have people with criminal records flying in from terrorist hotbeds, it’s not racial profiling to stop them and ask them a few questions. Granted, many on the Left are now complaining that the military incarceration they put tghis suspect under is unconstitutional and wrong, when we’re dealing with the threat of terror, we have to be vigilent and strong.

As for those agents who developed these leads, they should be given medals on prime-time TV and held up to the nation as exactly the kind of people we need more of in law enforcement.