Powell’s Poor Timing

Colin Powell has the worst sense of timing of any politician I’ve ever seen.

Today, the Palestinians have continued their policy of random terrorist attacks against the state of Israel, at first in a Tel Aviv restaurant, the second on a bus near Hebron. The first attack killed a teenage girl and produced at least eight other serious injuries. The second severely injured two Israeli teenagers.

What is the result of this war against innocent teenagers? Colin Powell announces details of a Palestinian state are forthcoming. So while Israel mourns the loss of another innocent teenager, the terrorists and slime that infest the Palestinian Authority get thrown another bone by a US administration that should damn well know better.

We must be realistic in our treatment of the Middle East. We are dealing with a fascist and terrorist organization, not a group of people who are interested in peace. Yassir Arafat does not give a damn about the Palestinians, only about more and more Israeli dead. The fact that he’s willing to call for a million of his own people to kill themselves for his cause is sick, twisted, and the sign of deranged mind. If Yassir Arafat was building schools that taught tolerance rather than hate, hospitals for the sick, and businesses for the Palestinians rather than martyrs and bombs then they could legimately ask for their own state. If the Palestinians were not acting like terrorists, then the Israeli occupation would be a morally wrong act.

Yet the fact remains that they are acting like terrorists. They are murdering innocent Israelis in cold blood. What civilized state sends children to blow up themselves and other children? These aren’t soldiers, these are people who have been steeped in a hatred that no rational mind could ever support. The fact that Secretary Powell thinks that such actions warrant their own state is appalling and wrong. Prime Minister Sharon is correct – no negotiations should take place until the terror stops. The State Department should support our Israeli allies in this. We cannot, should not, and must not support the actions of terrorists, especially as we are embroiled in our own war on terror. Unless we are willing to stand for all civilized states, we cannot hold our own.

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