Airline Security Without The Hastle

Northwest Airlines is looking for approval for a pilot program to use retinal scan technology to allow for quicker check-ins for flyers. The test would be conducted at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (hooray!) and would use a "trusted traveller" system to allow passengers to avoid some security measures if they’re willing to submit to a background check and other information gathering, as well as having their retinal pattern on file with the Transportation Safety Board.

While privacy advocates will likely raise a storm, this kind of system is exactly what is needed. The system is entirely optional, so those who see jackbooted stormtroopers everywhere can get their full-cavity search while I’m already in the airport bar getting my pre-takeoff drink. This system generally makes things easier for frequent air travellers and helps maintain security at our nation’s airports. To hell with Big Brother, I’ll be one of the first in line to get my Trusted Traveller card when it becomes publically available.

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